Our approach to Data Science

Problem & Concept


We work closely with your business to understand the desired outcome. Perhaps you want to increase conversion of online promotions, optimize your inventory or increase employee retention. You name it.

We build the concept of the Product and agree on the methodology for testing the usability of the solution in the Proof-of-Concept stage.

Interviews & Data Collection


The quality of data has a direct impact on the results.

We work together to ensure we have all the data we need. We focus on understanding the data in great detail (how it is exactly measured, what it means exactly, where errors can appear etc.)

This is an iterative process.



The POC is the first moment we get to results.

We train algorithms on training data and verify our performance against testing data.

The point of this stage is not to have a functional tool, but to confirm the hypotheses regarding the usability and performance of the entire solution.

Product & Algorithm Deployment


Once you approve the POC, we build a tool that is:

1) capable of running in real time

2) usable by you via a graphical interface.

Then, we train you on how to use to tool and we define the process for continuous improvement of the algorithms.

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InsightOut Analytics is a consulting firm for Data Science, Machine Learning & AI.

We develop complete business solutions which enable our clients to stay competitive in their industries by taking data-driven decisions.

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