Claudiu Leoveanu

At InsightOut, we thrive when faced with those unique challenges which lead us to innovative solutions, thus eliciting our inner joy of solving technical puzzles.


Data Scientist


  • self-taught
  • research on times series prediction and anomaly detection
  • member of the leadership team of the local deep learning community

Work Experience

Current (Apr 2020): Data Scientist at InsightOut Analytics

Developing Machine Learning and AI algorithms for business solutions in various fields. Applications include classification and regression problems.

2019 – 2020: Data Scientist at CoreAI

Various projects centered on time series analysis, time series prediction, and anomaly detection.

2018 – 2019: Strategic Sourcing Analyst at Honeywell

Doing business analysis to optimize value to the organization and long-term strategic planning for Honeywell’s supply chain business segment


2018 – 2020: Various projects focusing on

  1. Anomaly detection for large industrial machines using data from multiple sensors
  2. Predictive maintenance using LSTM-based architecture with data from multiple sensors
  3. Predictive maintenance using CNN-based architecture with synthetic data from simulation

2018 – 2019: Data Scientist path at DataQuest

  1. Exploratory Data Visualization
  2. Advanced Data Cleaning & Analysis
  3. Machine Learning techniques
  4. Deep Learning Fundamentals


Romanian: Mothertongue

English: Fluent


Computer skills: Python, Matlab, XPath, LaTeX, Git, UNIX, SAP, Tableau

Algorithms: RNNs, MLPs, CNNs, AEs, various types of linear regressions, k-Means Clustering, PCA, k-NN

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