Vlad Marincaş

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Data Scientist


  • PhD thesis on predictive capabilities of Artificial Neural Networks for defaults in the financial system
  • studied in Frankfurt (Oder), Bonn and Osnabrück Universities
  • at the European Central Bank, Vlad worked on systemic risk indicators for global banks

Work Experience

Current (Sep 2019): Data Scientist at InsightOut Analytics

Developing Machine Learning and AI algorithms for business solutions in various fields. Applications include Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Random Forests and a wide range of Regression based analyses.

Aug 2018 – Aug 2019: PhD trainee / Research Analyst at the European Central Bank

Constructing and estimating systemic risk indicators for banks. Work involved various financial and macroeconomic datasets with applications focusing on impact assessment. Modeling techniques consisted of quantile and panel regressions, difference-in-difference analysis and clustering methods.

Sep 2015 – Jun 2018: PhD candidate / Research Analyst at Osnabrück University

Main tasks involved academic research and teaching. The research focused on seasoned equity offerings using corporate level datasets involving Event Study techniques and pooled Cross-sectional Regressions. Teaching concentrated on subjects in finance and macroeconomics.


Ongoing (Sep 2015): PhD candidate at Osnabrück University

Thesis: “3 Essays on Systemic Risk and Financial Stability”

  1. Systemic effects of bank equity issues
  2. Analyzing the systemic risk of Global Systemically Important Banks: A Market-Based approach
  3. Forecasting bank distress with Artificial Neural Networks – A comparison to traditional econometrical techniques

Oct 2013 – Oct 2015: Master of Science in Economics at University of Bonn

Thesis: “A Quantitative Analysis of Sovereign Credit Risk for Emerging Economies”

Fall 2012: Exchange Semester at Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Oct 2010 – Sep 2013: Bachelor of Science in Economics at Viadrina University Frankfurt (Oder)

Thesis: “Estimating time-varying Betas in the CAPM model – An Empirical Analysis based on DAX 30”

Jun 2010: Nikolaus Lenau Lyzeum Timisoara, Bacalaureat


  1. Mathematics (Frankfurt Oder – Bachelor)
  2. Microeconomics (Bonn – Bachelor)
  3. Linear Algebra and Econometrics (Bonn – Bachelor)
  4. Seminar in Sovereign Default (Osnabrück – Master)
  5. Dynamic Macroeconomics (Osnabrück – Bachelor)
  6. Seminar on Banks’ Capital Structure (Osnabrück – Bachelor)
  7. Seminar on Macroprudential Policies (Osnabrück – Bachelor)
  8. Seminar on Financial Stability (Osnabrück – Bachelor)
  9. Seminar on Foreign Direct Investment (Osnabrück – Master)


Romanian: Mothertongue

German: Fluent

English: Fluent

French: Basic Knowledge


Programming skills: Python, R, Matlab, Stata

Algorithms: various types of linear regressions, logit/probit models, event studies, k-NN, k-means clustering, support vector machines, neural networks

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